Journey of growing up

Its been more than 2 months since I last wrote.  I only spoke about digital detox for one week.  But it didn’t seem to end for my blogging.  So today I decided to put a stop to it and write.  Even when I started writing this blog, I was not sure on what to write.  As soon as I started, randomly thoughts flooded.  May be that’s the trick. I just need to start the blog and write what I feel like at that point.  Not wait for some interstellar force to push me to write.

My daughter started going to preschool since a week.  Thankfully she adjusted very soon to the school.  Before joining the teachers had asked me to accompany her for at-least a week and stay till end of the class.  Only after two days, I am just going to drop her.  While it does hurt that she doesn’t miss me much,  but I am happy to see her happy with other kids.  She has been quite social, very contrary to what I am even now.  I hope she continues being social and more importantly expressive.  I want her to talk her mind out and not wait for the right moment to put it across.  More than often, the right moment never comes.  The things you want to say, stays hidden within you.  Coming back to pre-school, first time I left her for entire duration, I was so skeptical.  I had about a 100 instructions to give to teachers.  I did want her to look back and tell “mama, don’t go”.  We moms are so weird, we want to be missed, but not much so that we can get on with other things in our life.  With each milestone of kids, moms keep growing too.  Adjusting, coping and hoping throughout the way.