WRiting – a new beginning

author-writing-writerYeah.. I have officially given up writing everyday. It was very ambitious of me to begin with. I mysteriously always had some excuses, sometimes work or sometimes no thoughts or etc etc etc. This only proves that I cannot write everyday. Now that I am clear on this writing business, I do owe to myself to write when I have something to write about. Either meaningful or meaningless, either though provoking or just simply funny. I will write my thoughts so as to preserve the memories, so when I look back after few years, I will be able to relive the day, the moment, the memory, dreams and imagination.
I have lately become fan of Twinkle Khanna. Her attitude mostly. She is a strong personality and speaks her mind. I need to get my hands on her first book “Mrs Funnybones” soon. Yesterday I was reading an interview of Twinkle Khanna on writing tips. She mentions write 1000 words everday. Remove the 800 meaningless ones, after you review. Another interesting point she said is maintain your individuality as that flows into your writing giving you a distinctive voice. Well adjusted people are plain boring. I am scared I fall into this category. I have never been a good story teller. Not sure if this is can be cultivated. I sure need to try, don’t I? No matter, what anyone says, I will try my hand and try to write memories in best possible way I know 🙂


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