Limerick Challenger – 037

For Limerick Challenge : Week 38 based on the photo above by Dominik Martin at

She stood there in rain wanting to go,
her heart still wasn’t ready to forego.
He was an addiction!
Sure made it a mission,
To hurt her just so he can satisfy his ego.


Languages – 035

Today I saw a very cute Hindi short film, Khamakha.  Its a nice little story of 2 characters meeting on a bus.  The protagonist in the film knows about 10 different languages.  True, that this is a fictional story, but I am sure there are people who knows many languages.  Like UN language interpreter, mentioned in the film.  Protagonist also mentions her teacher saying, that you should force mind to thinking in different languages. Interesting thought.  Usually thoughts are always weaved in one particular language, or in some cases 2. You think in that language, you converse to yourself in that language.  She says, that some emotions can be expressed the best in particular language only. Like “Hiraeth” in Welsh, roughly translated as “Longing for a home that doesn’t exist”.  Beautiful word with beautiful meaning. I am sure each language has its own beautiful words, has different styles of speaking, different voice modulations required.  Each language with it carries a lot of history, centuries of moulding to become what it is now.  I personally know 4 languages to speak.  English, for me is more of a formal language.  I find regional languages more personal.  Mostly because, I have grown up talking in regional languages with friends and family.  Though English is absolute necessity nowadays, I am glad I know couple of other languages too.  Sometimes I do wish to learn other languages, but never acted on it though.

Technology & Kids -034

Kids these days are not born with silver spoon in their mouth, instead they are born with smart phones in their hands 😀 Even a toddler is well-versed with how to go to you-tube, watch rhymes which they want.  It is so different from the time we were kids.  Without TV or phones, its just impossible to distract them.  To make them eat TV, to make them sit in car seat : Phone.  What’s happening to the world? I often wondered how our parents used to feed us, take us around without the help of technology.  Wasn’t our childhood better? We were always playing outdoors, having fun, with friends, without any worries.  When I see kids at restaurants, glued to smart phones and not interacting with anyone, I feel sad.  I am afraid, my daughter is heading that way too.  I want to stop it at all cost.  I do not know how to do it though.  I sometimes wish, she was born when times were like our childhood.

Bartender – 033

Few years back, I had been to Hampi. Heritage city in Karnataka. I had an amazing time. In Hampi, I got an opportunity to use almost all kinds of transport. I reached the Hubli in Train, from there took a bus to Hampi. To reach our stay, we had to cross small stretch of the river. A small boat was used to ferry people across. In one such travel, there was a young lady also seated on the boat. She was deep in discussion with another passenger. She was actually talking about her life.  I couldn’t help but over hear her conversation as the boat was too small.

She was a bartender earlier. She saved up some money till she was 23- 24. Then she quit the job and started travelling around the world. She had traveled south east asia, now she was visiting India. Within India also she had traveled many places. I was completely unaware of the solo travel then. This was my first encounter. I was amazed, by how such a young lady take such decisions in life. It might have been quite common around her. In India, at-least where I grew up, I had never heard anything like this. It was always few days of holidays to relax at the most. I had heard of hippies in Goa, but I had a different picture of them. This girl actually made me realize that such things exist and its fun and its self learning tour.

Few strangers have amazing effect on us.  In this case, I didn’t even talk to her directly.  I don’t remember how she looked like. But I do remember what she spoke today,  even after years.  You never know, how you will influence others knowingly or unknowingly in your life.