Solo Trip – 031

Today for the first time I ate out. No no, not that I don’t eat out. This is my first time eating out alone. Another new experience. I didn’t feel as awkward, as I felt I would. It was actually kind of nice. I am a nice company to spend time with.. LOL 😀 Yeah, once in a while I should do that, just go out alone and eat. I do want to do solo trip sometime, but that brings along lot of complications. Lot of planning and convincing to do. At present condition, it looks like its going to take a while before I can attempt a solo trip.

Solo trip, I have heard so much about it, and read so much. More than fun, its an attempt to discover who you really are. In day to day activities, there are so many external influences, in which you tend to get lost. Year after year these keeps on piling up. The real you is somewhere buried. So take the external influences out of the equation. You are bound to find the true you, isn’t it? On one hand, this completely makes sense and on another hand, I feel, aren’t we all made of the experiences around us, or rather influences around us. I am not sure, whats right, or may be there is no right or wrong. Its just about perspective.


Morning Pages – 030

I am going at 1 blog per week rate.  Not what I envisioned when I started this.  From this week planning to get back to track and write every day.  Fingers crossed, lets see how it goes.

Morning Pages, an interesting concept I came across. Just write 3 full pages in a book everyday, preferably as soon as you get up.  Anything, from to do list, to weather, whatever comes to your mind, just fill up 3 pages.  As you continue, it helps to give you clarity of thought and also helps in unloading and freeing your mind.  I am intrigued to try it.  Another important note is to make sure no one reads it ever, not even yourself for at-least few months.  We will not be honest if that is the case.  Interesting huh? Just by writing everyday, you break your personal barriers, clear your thoughts, be happier.  What’s not to try.

Feedback -029

Why is it difficult to ask feedback from anyone? I so want to know how am I progressing on the work front, but not able to go up and ask for feedback. What am I afraid of? Feedback would be both good and bad. I should take that in good stride right. That too, when I am the one asking for it. At the back of my mind, I feel, what if I am given feedback, that I am not doing well. Can I take the criticism? But how will I know if there is anything, if I don’t ask at all. Or should I just believe all is good, until I am specifically given feedback, will that not be late. I don’t have guts for now, to go and ask for feedback, or rather how to take it in good stride. I need to be brave, hoping that would happen soon.