Being Creative 013

How do story writers write? What goes on in their mind while writing?  How do they weave such in-explainable plots? Its really amazing.  The people in creative field have wild imagination.  The way they think of a concept and build a story around it is amazing.  They don’t see things like normal people.  Their perspective is so different.  They actually think out of the box.  I wonder if creativity can be cultivated.  If so how?  I want to be creative.  Whenever some one gives me a different perspective of the same thing, I am like “why didn’t I think of that? It makes so much sense.”

So I googled to find if you can actually become creative.  Most of the results yielded on “How to be more creative” rather than “How to become creative”.  But there were some articles which did say how to become creative.  One such article talked about “Think like an adult but act like a kid”.  Interesting!! This suggests that as kids we are born creators.  We keep creating games to keep ourselves busy, we keep reinventing things.  What happens when we grow up.  When do we start falling withing societal norms?  I guess the more we follow the rules by the society the less creative we will be.  But does that mean we should challenge all the rules.  Will there not be total disorder if that’t the case?  Chaos everywhere which is hard to comprehend.  IS the rules good or bad? that’s a whole another story.  But do we get creative by challenging rules and going beyond to discover something new.  Doesn’t all the creations and inventions fall under this category?  I guess finally it boils down to “Am I ready to challenge the society to create something new”



I am well completely blank today.  I really don’t know what to write.  I thought about writing on photo-shoots or influence.  But somehow don’t have inclination towards thinking or writing anything.  So happy Monday.  Will write a nice blog tomorrow 🙂 Till then ta ta bye bye.

Employment opportunities – 011

When I look around, I see people in varied fields and interests.  Unlike the time when I was growing up, when engineering/ medicine were the only sane options anyone could take up.  But now, there are so many people following their dreams, without confining to age, place.  All it matters now is the burning desire to make something for yourself.  Ofcourse there have been people who have had failures, but the one who keep on trying achieve in the end.  As some one rightly said “It’s not an ending until its a happy one”.

With so many avenues of employment now, people can work from home or from anywhere they want.  Many times being online is the only requirement.  Also the flexibility of opting out of assignments which you don’t like.  In corporate environment you still need to delicately say no, which is not very appreciated.  Marks in school or college doesn’t matter, the education is what matters.  How you can combine your passion and earning is n:n combination.  Its upto you to make or break your career.  But still I see people pressurizing the kids to work hard and score maximum possible marks in school.  Is that so necessary.  The kids are bogged down by the pressure from school and home.  I particularly like one ad, where the school principal says “I got 53% in my 10th but now I am the principal”  The marks which you get in school, people will forget, world will forget, even you yourself will forget.  So why such a big fuss around the marks, the education system must change, the parents must change.  They should give an opportunity for each kid to discover his\her interests and pursue it.  Its only when they love what they are doing do they reach to greater heights in their life.  Which can only be measured by happiness and nothing else


Travel – 010

Today I read a blog Shooting Star.  The traveler, quit her job and is travelling since.  Traveling is her life’s goal.  The way she has penned down her experiences are very realistic and amazing.  Travel has always meant as a holiday for me.  I have not thought ever of quitting and do year round travelling, let alone travel for life.

Can I travel without agenda, without specific of where I am going to stay, where I am going to eat? Can I travel without the financial security which job gives me? Can I travel and earn while traveling? The most important point that struck me was the times when you feel lonely.  When all your family and friends have moved ahead.  When you can’t relate to them anymore.  The new people you meet (which I always thought was most exciting part of travel) also you need to say goodbye.  The only one you can always rely on is you, you alone.  That is tough.  Very challenging.  The thought itself is scary.  I am really not sure, if I would ever be able to do that.  But I do think, short term solo travel is something what I would love to do.  Not now, probably in future.  Not sure when.  I do want to discover how I act and behave when there is no one around me who knows me.  When I can do what I want.  Will I be confused or confident.  Will I prefer things in certain way.  Travelling with other people forever, you tend to forget what you really want to do.  What are exactly your preferences.  But being influenced by other people throughout your life journey, have I already become someone else than I actually am.  Was I ever only ME?  Will there ever be an only ME?  OR is ME comprised of all the experiences in the past and all the influences of the people around me.  What is ME? As said in movie You’ve got mail -“It’s a question into the void”

U- Turn – 009

Day 9

U-Turn, is a new Kannada movie directed by Pawan Kumar.  His earlier movie Lucia created a new trend.  Lucia was funded by public.  It got lot of accolades from everyone.  U-Turn didn’t disappoint either.  First half of the movie till the interval was very good.  We were on the edge of our seats, wanting to know how the story moves further.  The way the story unfolds is very gripping.  But the end could have been a bit better.  Towards the end, you tend to guess whats gonna happen.  All in all, a very thrilling family entertainer.

Girls evening out

Day 8

I am so looking forward to the girls evening out today.  Quick dinner followed by movie.  But on one side I am excited, I am feeling guilty on the other hand.  Since nanny hasn’t come today and my family have taken care of my darling from morning, I will again be imposing on them for the evening.  Sigh! I was in half a mind to cancel the plan.  But I was and am looking forward to it.  Its been so long to have spent so much time continuously with my friends, without hubby and kid.  I need to have that break.  I guess I can take advantage of the family (guilty guilty guilty).  I am sure they won’t mind.  But can’t get this guilty feeling out of my mind.  Being a mom always often brings you to such crossroads, where you need to make selfish decisions.  But sometimes its necessary, for yourself and also for your family.  If only you are happy you can make everyone around happy.  And its for just a couple of hours.  So chill and enjoy!!!! 🙂


Wow..I managed to write some random thoughts for the past whole week.  Its a feel good factor.  Today is the Day 7 of my write everyday contest 🙂

Competition, this is what I have been doing from past one week.  Competing with myself, for a better me.  Isn’t it better than competing against some stranger whom I don’t even know?  Competition is imbibed in our system.  Write from birth.  We have always competed for everything.  Even Darwin’s theory suggests “Survival of the fittest”.  In this pretext aren’t we just competing our whole life? Without enjoying and savoring the moment.  Aren’t we always on the watch out, who is doing what, who is where.  Do we really stand and appreciate where we have reached and where we were?  Is the competition necessary with others?

I, personally, have made a resolution not to compare myself with anyone, and i strive hard not to compare anyone in family with others too.  Everyone of us a specially unique. How can I spoil the awesome individuality by judging everyone with same parameters.  I will from now one strive only to compete with with one and only myself with the hope of a slightly better person tomorrow 🙂

Day 7 accomplished 😛