With all the new changes happening in the work place, I have started to believe more and more that life is unpredictable.  Anything can happen anytime.  Nothing is permanent, no job is stable.  While we yearn for stability in life and change makes us uncomfortable we have no control over what life throws at us.  Everyday is an adventure, everyday is a mystery.  Isn’t this better rather than the most predictable life, where every min every sec is known, is mundanechange.

I am not sure..

Sometimes I feel predictability is better and sometimes its not..I keep debating it myself everyday. Probably when the surprises are good then I am happy about it, when they are not then I am shaken.

All said and done, change is the only thing constant.  When I least expect change, boom!!! there is change, so enormous that I am no way prepared for it.  Someone once told me that life never throws anything at you which you can’t handle.  I am not sure how much of it is true, but when things go bad, I do tell this to myself.  It does help me.