Why so serious :) :)

I keep repeating this sentence to myself whenever I feel stressed or deeply engrossed in something.  Though this is the dialogue by joker in movie Dark night, I feel its very relevant to our day to day life.  We tend to get serious about minutest of things.  Sometimes all we need to do is lighten up.  Problems will still be there but it will affect u lesser.  Just by changing our outlook towards problems, we can reduce its effect on us.

Whenever I am stressed, my mantra is “WHY SO SERIOUS” (In the voice of Joker)lgmp0907why-so-serious-the-joker-from-batman-the-dark-knight-mini-poster.

It works most often than not.  Do try it.

Life is too short to be serious and stressed about petty things.  Life is a beautiful journey to be enjoyed.  So people have fun, enjoy, laugh, cry, express yourself.