Not happy with your JOB!!!!

You are not alone. I dont like my job too, and there are millions others who fall in the same category.

Usually I am ok with my job. I don’t have to stretch for too long hours, have the flexibility of working from home and I have my personal space. Adding cherry to all of this if the location of the job is very close to where I live. But inspite of all this, there is a nagging feeling at the back of my head always. I am not doing anything worthwhile. Just wasting away the most productive hours of my life, in a job which is neither interesting, neither intellectually stimulating nor does it make me happy. Then why am I continuing as a lifeless zombie???

First of all, coz of all the flexibility I have got here which becomes the least expectation for my new job. Second, I really don’t know what else I could do. Its a kind of dilemma I live through everyday. Searching for answers without finding any. Sometimes in the middle of night I wake up wondering what the hell I am doing. I pacify myself saying there are many others like me. Actually I know hardly any people who are in love with their job. But does this mean I need to continue what I am doing???? IS THIS ALL THERE IS TO WORK??? IS THIS HOW ITS GOING TO BE FOREVER????

Waiting for suggestions 😦