It is so weird………

Reading blogs gives us varies perspective, opens our mind to different thought process and we start looks things from a different perspective.  But very few time when I read some blogs, written by complete strangers, half way across the world and yet I can relate to each and every word written by the other person.  I doubt myself “Am I not the one who has written this blog??”.  It gives me solace that I am not the most weird person on earth, there are few who think like me.  Irrespective of the geography, age and character.  I am not the lunatic as I imagine myself to be.  I am nothing but human, with normal things going on in my mind.  And I am not wrong about everything as few others constantly make me believe.  These Doppelgangers by mind help us believe we are not alone in our thoughts 🙂


Freedom of anonymity

How is that a person like me who is so afraid to talk about my feelings with people I know, able to express myself on blogs?  I am able to say things because no one knows me here.  I am not afraid to write something stupid and being judged by people.  

Why is that, in general, we want to hide our true selves in front of almost all of our friends and family.  We tend to follow the social norm, even if we don’t believe in it. I tell to myself that I do this because I don’t want to hurt others.  But is it the real reason why I am doing it? or am I just scared of confrontation with anyone who disagrees with me. We tend to mold ourselves as the people around us.  I have distinctly noticed, that my behavior changes with each group I hang out with.  So much so, that I have forgotten what I am, what is my true characteristic?  What are my likes and dislikes?  I have lost my individuality.  Its taken years of practice to achieve that.

Blogging is a way I am trying to find my true self.  This is only possible because here I just write without thinking how am I perceived by the outside world.  I try to be as true to my emotions as possible.  When I write here, I don’t even think, words just flow.  While in real life, even each time I talk, I process the words more than once in my mind 😀

I don’t want to be bogged down all the time thinking about what others think of me.  

“The ones who like you will always be near you no matter what you say and the ones who drift away, were never meant to be close to you”