Journey of growing up

Its been more than 2 months since I last wrote.  I only spoke about digital detox for one week.  But it didn’t seem to end for my blogging.  So today I decided to put a stop to it and write.  Even when I started writing this blog, I was not sure on what to write.  As soon as I started, randomly thoughts flooded.  May be that’s the trick. I just need to start the blog and write what I feel like at that point.  Not wait for some interstellar force to push me to write.

My daughter started going to preschool since a week.  Thankfully she adjusted very soon to the school.  Before joining the teachers had asked me to accompany her for at-least a week and stay till end of the class.  Only after two days, I am just going to drop her.  While it does hurt that she doesn’t miss me much,  but I am happy to see her happy with other kids.  She has been quite social, very contrary to what I am even now.  I hope she continues being social and more importantly expressive.  I want her to talk her mind out and not wait for the right moment to put it across.  More than often, the right moment never comes.  The things you want to say, stays hidden within you.  Coming back to pre-school, first time I left her for entire duration, I was so skeptical.  I had about a 100 instructions to give to teachers.  I did want her to look back and tell “mama, don’t go”.  We moms are so weird, we want to be missed, but not much so that we can get on with other things in our life.  With each milestone of kids, moms keep growing too.  Adjusting, coping and hoping throughout the way.


Digital Detox

Smart phones, computer, internet, we are thronged by these in our day to day life, so much so we can’t imagine life without them.  I still can’t believe that once we were without any of these so called digital inventions.  Life was far simpler then.  We would talk to people more, and not virtually , but actually.  There was no constant obsession of knowing what everyone are doing all the time.  A lot less comparison with peers.  Now its like , “Oh wow, he\she keeps going to so many places” which actually means, how I wish I could do that too.  Due to this virtual competition, there is never content in our lives anymore.  We are all competing in the rat race and no one wins.  Wasn’t life without these gadgets simpler? Nowadays even when group of kids meet, all of them are into watching some videos or playing video games.  They have no time for any physical activity, they are mentally so drained, that they seem tired all the time.  Now its actually necessary to push kids to go out and play.  During our childhood we would hardly been seen at home.  Parents had to drag us home, to even eat.  If you are a kid of 80’s -90’s you would understand.

I am really thinking of not using smartphone, computer and ipad for a week.  Well not completely though.  Since I work in IT, I need to use computer day in and day out.  Its my livelihood.  But other than work, I will refrain from using computer for logging into social networks, personal mails or even general reading on internet.  I sure can do it.  If I get bored, I will read a book or colour or go and talk to people.  First couple of decades I was without this technology invasion, can’t I sustain for only one week? What do you think? Will I be able to? Or will I give in to the temptation?  Fingers crossed.  Will give an update next Monday on how this week went.  Till then bye byeimages

WRiting – a new beginning

author-writing-writerYeah.. I have officially given up writing everyday. It was very ambitious of me to begin with. I mysteriously always had some excuses, sometimes work or sometimes no thoughts or etc etc etc. This only proves that I cannot write everyday. Now that I am clear on this writing business, I do owe to myself to write when I have something to write about. Either meaningful or meaningless, either though provoking or just simply funny. I will write my thoughts so as to preserve the memories, so when I look back after few years, I will be able to relive the day, the moment, the memory, dreams and imagination.
I have lately become fan of Twinkle Khanna. Her attitude mostly. She is a strong personality and speaks her mind. I need to get my hands on her first book “Mrs Funnybones” soon. Yesterday I was reading an interview of Twinkle Khanna on writing tips. She mentions write 1000 words everday. Remove the 800 meaningless ones, after you review. Another interesting point she said is maintain your individuality as that flows into your writing giving you a distinctive voice. Well adjusted people are plain boring. I am scared I fall into this category. I have never been a good story teller. Not sure if this is can be cultivated. I sure need to try, don’t I? No matter, what anyone says, I will try my hand and try to write memories in best possible way I know 🙂

Languages – 035

Today I saw a very cute Hindi short film, Khamakha.  Its a nice little story of 2 characters meeting on a bus.  The protagonist in the film knows about 10 different languages.  True, that this is a fictional story, but I am sure there are people who knows many languages.  Like UN language interpreter, mentioned in the film.  Protagonist also mentions her teacher saying, that you should force mind to thinking in different languages. Interesting thought.  Usually thoughts are always weaved in one particular language, or in some cases 2. You think in that language, you converse to yourself in that language.  She says, that some emotions can be expressed the best in particular language only. Like “Hiraeth” in Welsh, roughly translated as “Longing for a home that doesn’t exist”.  Beautiful word with beautiful meaning. I am sure each language has its own beautiful words, has different styles of speaking, different voice modulations required.  Each language with it carries a lot of history, centuries of moulding to become what it is now.  I personally know 4 languages to speak.  English, for me is more of a formal language.  I find regional languages more personal.  Mostly because, I have grown up talking in regional languages with friends and family.  Though English is absolute necessity nowadays, I am glad I know couple of other languages too.  Sometimes I do wish to learn other languages, but never acted on it though.

Technology & Kids -034

Kids these days are not born with silver spoon in their mouth, instead they are born with smart phones in their hands 😀 Even a toddler is well-versed with how to go to you-tube, watch rhymes which they want.  It is so different from the time we were kids.  Without TV or phones, its just impossible to distract them.  To make them eat TV, to make them sit in car seat : Phone.  What’s happening to the world? I often wondered how our parents used to feed us, take us around without the help of technology.  Wasn’t our childhood better? We were always playing outdoors, having fun, with friends, without any worries.  When I see kids at restaurants, glued to smart phones and not interacting with anyone, I feel sad.  I am afraid, my daughter is heading that way too.  I want to stop it at all cost.  I do not know how to do it though.  I sometimes wish, she was born when times were like our childhood.